Seven-Day Workshop on Research Methodology for Faculty of Science

A 7-day workshop on research methodology was successfully organized from 26th March to 1st April 2016 by the Centre for Research, Innovation and Training (CRIT), The IIS University. The workshop communicated about various research methods, research processes, use of research tools and techniques, writing skills to the young researchers. The workshop endeavored to prepare participants to approach research in rational way, streamline the research question and pointed in context to empirical data collection strategies.

Prof. R.K. Bansal, Emeritus Professor, Department of Chemistry delivered the first talk on formulation research problem and keenly discussed the importance of scientific research in one personal and professional growth. The knowledge shared by him guided the participants to channelize their thoughts in conducting basic and applied research. Next two sessions were on structured literature review where Dr. Satish Kumar, Assistant Professor, MNIT explained the significance of organizing research papers in library form. He conveyed that the precise management of references saves time initiating quality research.

The second day of the workshop was on research methods, good practices in research and related problems faced by a researcher Dr. C.S. Gahan from Central University Rajasthan discussed all these queries of a researcher vividly, giving real life examples. The interactive sessions were valuable to solve many questions students may have in their mind.

Proceedings sessions were initiated by Dr. Anil Bharadwaj, from University of Rajasthan which focused on sampling techniques, measurement and scaling, data collection, optimization and simulation. The following sessions were on biostatistics, Hypothesis testing, correlation and regression corresponded by Dr. A.N. Dwivedi, AIIMS, New Delhi which acquainted us with the relevance of optimized and structured data that appends to research quality with applicable results.

The next day Dr. S.C. Joshi from University of Rajasthan described the methods and benefits of data compilation and interpretation along with the details to prepare research proposal and manuscript for publication.

The sixth day of workshop with Dr. Surendra Nimesh, Central University of Rajasthan had and interactive session about reference management and various tools like Mandeley, Ref. Works, Zotero, Biblioscope and many more. Participants were highly informed and motivated to maintain their reference carefully with ease.

The last session was on Biosafety, good laboratory practices and ethics by Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Ys, SERB, DST where she talked about the prevention of large-scale loss of biological integrity, various prevention mechanisms including conduction of rules, laboratory settings, along with strict guidelines to be followed.

By the end of the programme, the participants were confident in using the right methods and tools to analyze data. They were be able to better design their primary research studies as well as to quickly enter and analyze this information.