Research Promotion Committee, strives towards creating an environment, conducive for research by facilitating the faculty and students to take up research and keeping them abreast with the latest trends.

Research Promotion Committee (RPC) look after the following functions:


  1. Provides information about projects, research grants and fellowships, seminars and conferences announced by various external and internal agencies from time to time.
  2. Organizes interactive sessions with experts by way of guest lectures on current trends in research and research methodology to enhance research oriented skills of the faculty members and students.
  3. Makes recommendations regarding the allocation and use of recurrent funds for research.
  4. Grants seed money to the young faculty and students to initiate research.
  5. Organizes in- house FDPs, seminars, etc. for capacity building.
  6. Oversees the need for establishing research laboratories with the latest equipments and software.
  7. Recommends subscription to some of the best national and international peer-reviewed and refereed journals, periodicals, e-resources etc.
  8. Advises the University authorities on allocation of budget for various research promotional activities.
  9. Recommends and forwards the cases of the faculty for the sanction of Academic leaves for attending conferences/seminars/training programmes.
  10. Felicitates meritorious Research Scholars annually and awards Certificates of Appreciation to those faculty members who are actively involved in research based activities.
  11. Recommends the grant of Research fellowships to the research scholars.

Constitution of Research Promotion Committee (LINK)