Science Film Making 2017-2018

A Three Day National Science Film making Workshop at The IIS University

Film is a mass media and is meant for common man. Good films connect with masses at a large level…Dr CM Nautiyal    

On the occasion of Journalism Day, The IIS University in joint collaboration with Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India organized a Three Day Science Film Making Workshop. 65 participants from all over India learnt the basics of film making. The young film makers made 10 films in groups of 5-6 participants including the subjects like Menstruation Cycle, Solar Energy, Eco Shoes, Superstitions, Biotechnology, Lifecycle of an Earthworm, Yawning, and Vitamin D were worth appreciating. The best films will be screened during the National Science Film Festival of Vigyan Prasar.

Senior Science Communicator, Dr CM Nautiyal briefed about writing good script for science films. He also talked about the technological advancements in science fictions and fantasies and relevant terminologies used while writing scripts. 

Environmentalist and Senior Film Maker Gurmeet Sapal discussed the main elements and components of film making and also gave the participants tips to generate subjects from environment as well. 

Senior Film Maker Ritesh Taksande debated on the basic film making techniques and the problems faced by the film makers now a days. He helped the young participants in generating ideas of science films, use of camera and editing techniques in an innovative manner.  The three day workshop oriented the participants to the best practices and production techniques in the arena of science and environment film making. Participants were introduced to the grammar and techniques of science film making, conceptualization, production and post-production techniques, selection of relevant themes as well as issues to communicate through films.

 Prof Raakhi Gupta, Registrar the IISU, proposed vote of thanks to the experts during the Valediction Ceremony. Dr CM Nautiyal presented the certificates to the participants.  The films made during the workshop were screened in the end.