The HR conclave on ‘Startup India-Standup India: Challenges and opportunities’ began in IIS Auditorium on Sept. 15, 2016 with the inaugural ceremony my Dr.Jyoti kiran, Chairperson- State Finance Commission. The speakers of this session discussed topics like Urban Finance, Networking, Government policies and initiatives related to Startups.

This inaugural was followed by the first invited lecture by Mr. Dilnawaz Khan who began his interactive session with the words “If nothing is wrong with you, then something is definitely wrong with you” and moved on to discuss relevant views like Skillset, Passion, Funding, Business model etc.

Mr. Paresh Gupta, CEO, Headstart Network, was the next invited speaker who made the students aware about few facts like India’s third position in start-up rating, subsidies provided by Government to Agriculture and Horticulture sector, Mulching Fund etc. Mr.Vishwas Shiringi, Co-founder of Voylla group, focussed on key areas such as Market Research, Investment, Workforce, Idea, Core Competency etc. Mr. Sagar Aggarwal, Founder of Hippo Cabs, started his session with his journey and struggles and enlightened the students with various areas of Entrepreneurship, Creativity, Innovation, Human Resource etc. Mr.Rahul Moondra, a young aspiring entrepreneur who is the Founder of Chaisa, Jaipur  said that “Business is run by cash, entrepreneurs run it by passion”. He also said that convincing the customers is the biggest challenge but the students should take positively all the criticisms.

On the second day of the conclave, 16 September 2016, Ms. Priyanka Chugh, Founder- ektaara clothing brand, began with her first lecture of the second day by sharing the struggles faced by her during her business. In her lecture, she focussed on key areas such as building social plans, importance of observing people, location of startup etc.Ms. Anisha Hajela, Co-Founder of Pathfinder Solutions engaged the audience in learning ‘Motivation behind the Startup’ wherein Start up is a “state of mind”.

Mr. Nitin Jain, Founder of Indibni, focussed on three I’s i.e. India, Individuality, Innovation in his session and expressed his opinion about Entrepreneurship, Objectives of Startup, Team Support etc.

Mr.Shreyans kasliwal, Director of Kamal Auto Finance, had a brief discussion about various areas such as Micro Finance, Social angle of Business, Interpersonal Skills, FINTECH.

Mr. Satyam Mishra, Founder of Urban Dhobi, shared his views about opening his startup, Importance of team etc. The session ended with Question answer session where he was asked about his marketing strategies, funding etc.

The last but the most unique session of the day was headed by Mr.Vivek Kumar, Founder of Kshamtalya, was the most unique session of the conclave as it motivated the young entrepreneurs to initiate the change, to represent the modern era of personalized learning and to understand concepts like duplication of Idea, Gandhi Fellowship Journey etc.

After the two aspiring young entrepreneurs, Riya Khatri and Nidhi Singh, presented their highly applauded startup idea, the conclave came to a close after a formal Vote of Thanks by Ms Shivi Saxena, Placement Officer, The IIS University.