The objective of students projects is essentially intended to promote primary research activities and supplement the research facilities.


It is an opportunity for the students to think and act innovatively and give shape to their ideas, to augment research plans of the supervising faculty. 



The synopsis should give a gist of the original project work to be conducted by the participant duly approved by the Research Supervisor.


Procedure for Applying :

A hard copy of the proposal for the Research Project is required to be submitted in the prescribed format (Annexure 1 i and 1 ii) in Research Section by August 27, 2019. The proposal should be duly forwarded by the supervisor, of the candidate. The supervisor before forwarding the proposal will ensure potential of the proposed project.  



  1. The proposal will be evaluated by the selection committee on the basis of the merits, originality and relevance of the study. The candidate will be required to give presentation on the proposal or appear for interface before the selection committee on the appointed date. The decision of selection committee will be intimated to the candidates within a week’s time through email. The approved projects will also be displayed on the Notice Board and University Website.
  2. The suggestions and views of the Committee shall be incorporated in the proposal in week’s time. The supervisor will ensure that the proposal is amended as per suggestions give by the members of Selection Committee. A copy of the awarded proposal is to be submitted to the section officer for record.


Financial Assistance:

The selected candidate will get a financial assistance of not more than Rs. 5000/-. The amount will be reimbursed after completion of the project and submission of report alongwith statement of expenditure with bills duly verified by the Supervisor.

  1. Expenditure should on no account exceed the budget sanctioned for the project.
  2. The grant can be utilized as per sanction provided by the university on one or more of the following heads, as per requirement of the project :
    1. Books & Journals
    2. Equipments
    3. Field Work & Travel
    4. Chemicals & Glasswares
    5. Report Writing


  1. Acquisition of books and documents of relevance to the research project in case the same are not available in the library, may be procured through the library. These would become the property of the library as per the completion of the project.   
  2. The grant cannot be used for purchase of furniture items/office equipments such as telephone, fax machine, computers etc.


  1. Prior permission is required to be taken from the Registrar for the purchase of equipments, chemicals and glassware. Prior permission is also required for undertaking field work and travel. The application should be duly forwarded by the project supervisor.



The project must commence from the date of receipt of the sanction letter. Tentatively completed by 15th March, 2020.


Release of Grant :

The grant will be released only after getting clearance from the accounts. 

  1. The Annual Report is to be submitted in the prescribed format. (Annexure 2 i and 2 ii).
  2. The project is evaluated by Research Promotion Committee. The candidate is required to give the power point presentation and the candidate should prepare four copies of the report. Submit two copies of report to the Research Promotion Committee, one to the Supervisor and one can be retained by him/her. 
  3. The statement of accounts giving the funds received and expenditure incurred should be submitted latest by 31st March, 2020.
  4. Original bills are to be attached with statement of the expenditure in the format of Annexure 3 and submitted to the Office Assistant (Projects). The statement of expenditure should be submitted duly verified by the supervisor, who before verifying the bills and forwarding the accounts shall ensure that expenditure has been incurred as per sanction given by the university.   
  1. The report should be submitted not later 31st March, 2020.
  1. It is expected that the findings of the project should be published in a journal of repute and presented in a National/International level conference.