The objective of faculty project is to provide essential financial viable as seed money to take up research in the form of university minor project, so as to obtain definite advancement in specific field and area of knowledge.  


  1. The Research Promotion Committee invites proposal from the faculty for minor research projects and after interface with Principal Investigator recommends for sanction of viable research projects received for financial assistance and review the progress of project after every six months and decides extension etc. for its continuation.


  1. The research proposal should be submitted in the prescribed proforma and the application should be forwarded through the Head of the concerned department (Annexure 1).


  1. Interdisciplinary projects shall be given preference.


  1. The scheme has been instituted to encourage the faculty i.e. with teaching experience less than five years, to take up research. Only those who carry out the project themselves should apply. Carrying out a research project through Students / Research Scholars is not permitted. Project should be an original piece of work, neither it should be the work of a M.Phil. / Ph.D. candidate, nor it should be related to M.Phil. / Ph.D. work of Principal Investigator (PI) or Co-Investigator.


  1. The faculty members who have availed the IIS University faculty project will be eligible only after 3 years of completion of the project.


  1. The proposal is evaluated by the Research Promotion Committee. The Principal Investigator must be present for interface with Research Promotion Committee and to give his/her presentation on the proposed project.


  1. Sanctioned Projects are monitored within six months by Research Promotion Committees based on the progress reports submitted by the investigators. The PI is also required to present the progress of research work before the Research Promotion Committee for useful suggestions, midterm correction and appraisal of funds and ensures of expenditure incurred. While the initial report of the first half of the progress of work is expected to be brief, subsequent final report should be sufficiently detailed so as to enable the Research Committee to review the out come of the project. Projects are liable to be terminated if the progress is not found to be satisfactory by the Research Promotion Committee.


  1. Research Promotion Committee while taking mid term feedback also monitors the utilization that the funds are effectively utilised for maximum output. For this purpose principal investigators are required to submit the progress report after every six months.


  1. On completion of the project, the PI is required to give a presentation and submit a Final Report in the prescribed proforma (Annexure 2).


  1. It is stipulated that the date of commencement of the project will be mentioned in the letter of offer or it will be within one week of the date of issue of the letter.


  1. For utilization of the grant sanctioned for the purchase of equipment, chemical and glassware grant prior permission is required to be taken from the Registrar/Vice Chancellor.


  1. The tenure of a project will be 1 to 2 years depending on the work proposed to be done.


  1. The period of the project may however be extended by the six months or a year, if some important findings are required to be further investigated. The period of extension will be limited to a maximum of two years.


  1. The project is normally sanctioned under :
    1. Books & Journals
    2. Equipments
    3. Field work & Travel
    4. Chemicals & Glassware


  1. Proper planning is required to be done by the principal investigator while formulating budget for the project. Request for re-appropriation will not be entertained but, in special cases the request should come within the period of three months of sanction of the project.


  1. The purchase orders for books are required to be made through library.


  1. Prior permission from the Registrar/Vice Chancellor is necessary for utilizing grant sanctioned for purchase of equipments, field work and travel.


  1. Investigators are encouraged to seek legal/patent protection to the results of their research.


  1. Investigators are encouraged to publish the results of research in the form of papers and research articles in journals of repute while doing so the faculty must mention the official designation and the name of The IIS University, irrespectively of the fact that they may be registered for Ph.D. Degree or as supervisor in any other university. They should also acknowledge the financial assistance/project sanctioned by the university and other support provided for the research work.


  1. The Principal Investigator while claiming sanctioned amount of grant should certify that the expenditure claimed under different heads has actually been incurred and utilized properly for the project during the period for which the payment is claimed and further that the grant has been exclusively utilized for the purpose for which it was sanctioned. This statement of expenditure should also be submitted by the investigator.


  1. The statement of accounts/ statement of expenditure shall be checked and certified by the Office Assistant (Project) and countersigned by the Registrar before it is submitted to the accounts department of The IIS University in the prescribed format (Annexure 3).


  1. The Accounts section will release the grant, subject to the receipt of accounts/expenditure statement from the from the Principal Investigator duly checked by Office Assistant (Project) & counter signed by the Registrar and timely submission of bills.



  1. If the Principal Investigator is not in a position to take up the project within one month of the its sanction, then after seeking permission of the Registrar, the sanctioned project may commence within 1 month from the date of receipt of the sanction letter, failing which the project will be treated as withdrawn.


  1. It is mandatory for the PI/Co-PI to attend the mid term presentation and present their findings, progress, etc. and statement of expenditure before the Research Promotion Committee in the Project Monitoring Session.



  1. It is mandatory to submit the final technical report on the project within a month of completion of project, describing original objective(s), how far these objective(s) have been achieved and how the results have benefited the technological development or enriched the existing knowledge in the subject and enclosing manuscripts, preprints and reprints of the papers arising from the project.