7- Day Workshop on Advanced Techniques in Biological Sciences


The Centre for Research, Innovation and Training (CRIT) of the IIS University successfully organized a “Seven day workshop on Advanced Techniques in Biological Sciences” from 6 December to 12 December 2016 for post graduate students, research scholars and faculty members of Biosciences.   26 participants attended the workshop, including students and faculty member from Jaipur and outside.

 Each day there was three sessions in the workshop. The inaugural lecture was delivered by Dr. Biswarup Basu Assistant Professor, Amity University Noida. His talk was on the elementary knowledge of animal cell culture, he enlightened the participants about the protocols necessary for cell culture technique. In the second session he imparted hands on training how to revive cells for cell culture, followed by the sub culturing technique in the next session.

 Day 2 of the workshop started with the cell proliferation technique, its visualization and analysis. Next session the participants performed the MTT assay which was followed by result interpretation in the last session.

Day 3 of the workshop started with the lecture of Dr. Sobha Bhargava, Professor Department of Zoology, from SavitriBhai Phoole Pune University. Her lecture was on various histological preparation and immuno-histochemistry. She shared her research experience and the the do’s and don’ts in histology. In the next session she imparted hands on training on the tissue processing of immune-histological sections.

Day 4 the participants continued the processing of immuno-histological sections, followed by histochemical section preparation and the result analysis. She also provided hands on training how to perfect the processing of histological tissue preparations.

Day 5 started with the lecture of Dr. Vivekananda of Malviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur. He talked on the generation of bioenergy and the production of biogas. It was followed by demonstration of measurement of biogas in the laboratory.

Day 6 of the workshop was started with the lecture of Dr. Nidhi Gupta, she delivered lecture on plasmid DNA isolation technique, PCR and Agarose gel electrophoresis. It was followed by DNA isolation from plasmid of E.coli, then subjected to PCR for amplification and then the product formation is analyzed by agarose gel electrophoresis.

In the Last day of the workshop, participants learned the technique of SDS PAGE for identification of proteins from blood sample.