Approved Supervisor - Department of Computer Science & IT

S.No. Name of supervisor Designation Thrust Area of Research
1 Dr. Swati V. Chande Professor DBMS, Information Retrieval, Software Engineering, Cloud with Data Bases, Optimization Techniques
2 Dr. Amita Sharma Senior Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Data Mining, Cloud Computing, Web Engineering Cryptography
3 Dr. Navneet Sharma Associate Professor E-Commerce,e-Governance, Cloud Computing,Networking,ERP Management
4 Dr. Anubha Jain Associate Professor Information Retrival, Software Engg., Data Analysis
5 Dr. Ruchi Nanda Associate Professor Cloud Computing, Database Management System
6 Dr. Deepshikha Bhatia Senior Assistant Professor Networking, Artifical Intelligence
7 Dr. Astha Pareek Senior Assistant Professor Data Minig, E-Commerce, Software Engineering
8 Dr. Geetika Vyas Senior Assistant Professor Software Engineering, E-Commerce, Web Development,  Quality Assessment , Data Mining
9 Prof. Vijay Singh Rathore Professor Networking, e-Governance, Cloud Computing, E-Commerce, E-Learning, DBMS
10 Dr. Priyanka Verma Senior Assistant Professor Web Mining, Data Mining
11 Dr. Neha Tiwari Associate Professor Networking, Database, SE, Cloud