Approved Supervisor - Department of Commerce

S.No. Name of supervisor Designation Thrust_Area
1 Prof. M. K. Sharma Professor Marketing, Human Resources, General Management  
2 Dr. T.N. Mathur Professor Banking
3 Dr. Shweta Gupta Associate Professor Banking, Finance, Taxation and Accounting  
4 Dr. Ankita Chaturvedi Associate Professor Financial Analysis, Working Capital Analysis  
5 Dr. Mani Bhatia Associate Professor Accounting & Finance Analysis  
6 Dr. Monty Kanodia Sr. Assistant Professor Finance , Accounting, Banking  
7 Dr. Ruchi Jain Associate Professor General & Commercial Law, Business Law, Commercial Law, Industrial Law, Marketing Management & General Management   
8 Dr. Neha Sharma Associate Professor Retail Management, Human Resources Management, Marketing Management, General Management   
9 Dr. Sarabjeet Kaur Gogia Senior Assistant Professor Marketing, Human Resources, General Management, Corporate Governance  
10 Dr. Neeru Jain Associate Professor Marketing, Jewellery Designing  
11 Dr. Aditi Jain Senior Assistant Professor Marketing, Human Resource Management  
12 Dr. Aditi R. Khandelwal Senior Assistant Professor Retail Management,  Marketing Management  
13 Dr. Akshita Jain Assistant Professor General Management, HR, Marketing  
14 Dr. Princy Thomas Assistant Professor Retailing Management, Human Resource Management & General Management and Marketing Management
15 Dr. Meenakshi Sharma Associate Professor Banking, Economics & Finance  
16 Dr. Ruchi Jain II Associate Professor Banking, Finance Economics  
17 Dr. Meenakshi Anand Associate Professor Banking, Finance Economics  
18 Dr. Anju Singh Assistant Professor Finance, Banking, General Management  
19 Dr. Shaifali Mathur Assistant Professor Finance
20 Dr. Shilpi Saxena Assistant Professor Marketing Management, Consumer Behaviour
21 Dr. Gaurav Bagra Assistant Professor Finance, Banking, Corporate Restructuring, Share Market